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Mitsubishi Pajero 1999

Reviewed by: Art
Engine and transmission:2500, automatic
Period of ownership: 6 months


General impressions:

Pajero is a totally cool thing. Starts really well. Automatic transmission saved my day several times. The car is very souped-up: electric window raisers, central lock, steering booster… But the coolest thing is the Cruise Control. The car looks very smart. What deserves the most attention is the chrome-plated mirrors as well as the twofold tailpipe. The disk brakes are ventilated and guarantee effective braking at any speed. The highest speed I’ve managed to attain is 200 kmph. I have never had trouble starting the engine in cold weather – it started easily even at –35oC. Heating and ventilation inside are beyond belief, the interior warms up really fast, and the windshield, as well as the side windows, does not steam up even when it’s super cold outside. The car speeds up very fast – just enough for confident driving in or out of town. At the speed over 160 kmph the car moves smoothly and quietly.

What I like in this car:

What I dislike in this car:

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