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Toyota Altezza 1999

Reviewed by: Jonny, Dubai
Engine and transmission:3S-GE, 1998 cubic cm. 5-speed Tiptronic
Period of ownership: 2 months


General impressions:

The car is very imposing, it will be well noticeable in any city people always come up to have a look. The position in the salon is a little bit lower than in Corona and the like, the car itself is not too low, the car breaker goes down by 3-4 cm, hence the optical illusion, so no need to be afraid of winter and bad roads.
Maintenance is typical for Toyota, prices are the same as for other cars, only replacement parts are not always available, for example spark plugs, fuel filter only genuine, which is better for the car.
I changed spark plugs by my own, as well as fuel, air, oil and in-salon filters. All operations were easy enough, all typical for Toyota. Iím going to change oil in transmission and antifreeze.
All is very convenient and beautiful in the salon, only, as it seems to me, the usual Toyota appearance has been little changed, all is made from plastic, which id frustrating, probably because this is not Lexus, there must be a difference.
The suspension is tough, as somebody wrote before: "suspension will give you a pleasant surprise with its rigidity ", on good joints or access tracks CD will not work.
A TV was in the car before, but it was dismantled before sale, as a hole is cut out in the place where it had been, perhaps wires were taken out in a hurry and there are fasteners under the trunk cover for TV antenna.
I tried to use cast wheels for 15" with no success, the hubs are too large, itís a pity, it could be good for winter and not expensive.
The fuel consumption is usual for a two-liter, 9l on a highway, 11 in the city, if you drive quietly, but if you run to 7000 RPM, then is more of course. Maximum speed is about 200, as the limiter is initiated at "/" where is km/h, it is initiate‚ mildly, the speed returns to 180, then you may press the pedal again.

What I like in this car:

What I dislike in this car:

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Toyota Altezza
Toyota Altezza
Toyota Altezza



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